Welcome! If you've made it this far it probably means you are interested in my services as a music extraordinaire. I am Sara Araya. I come from sunny Los Angeles, California where I was born, raised, and lived most of my life. Though there was that short (6 year) stint that I lived in New York City, but we'll get to that later. What I value most in life is the freedom one finds when they live their passions, which most times brings forth their purpose. My passion happens to be (yup, you guessed it) music!  


Nuts & bolts

I am a musician and instructor with more than 14 years of experience teaching both children and adults. I began my musical journey in my hometown of Los Angeles where I received 15 years of private instruction in piano and music theory.  All of my training has allowed me to teach many styles of music, including classical, contemporary and jazz.

At the start of my teaching career, I attended the Musicians Institute (MI) in Los Angeles where I earned professional training certifications in both Keyboard Technology and Recording Engineering. This training affords my special skills in improvisation, playing by ear and music theory. During my time at MI I also served as a keyboard player for many bands, with genres varying from funk and R&B, to jazz and Afro-Brazilian. A fantastic time indeed.


Music as therapy

There is a different school of thought that comes with every generation. But there is one common thought throughout the music world. It is that music heals. I have been on both ends of this theory. As an adolescent I went through struggles like any other kid: confidence about fitting in with others, insecure during my "awkward stage", and trying to be an extrovert in my introverted world. But there was always one way I knew I could express myself in any way I wanted. It was when I sat at the piano where I realized that I could shine as bright as I wanted to. I could heal whatever part of me that was feeling broken. In my studies at The New School (New York) I was called to the music therapy program, where I was fortunate to learn the different ways that music can approach the brain, and use it as a tool for anyone (of many different populations) who struggles with expression, communication, language development, anxiety, even reading skills/confidence. My experience learning and assisting in this field has stretched my range as a teacher, in that I am more aware and capable in recognizing where a student might need me to meet them. And even though the effects are subtle at times, I am amazed at how the wonders of music can change a persons life. I am dedicated to teaching people how to use music as a tool to heal, uplift, enlighten, explore, and enhance life! 


Just because you’re not a drummer does’t mean you don’t have to keep time.
— Thelonious Monk