Jenai B.

Ms Sara is an amazing teacher and beautiful spirit. She has a kind yet stern teacher strategy that gets the kids progressing quickly. My oldest child use to be her student and when Ms Sara moved away to NY, my child refused to go to ANY Other Piano Teacher and literally waited for Ms Sara to return YEARS later. She said she was the best and would only want to learn from her and I can see why. Now my youngest was able to play the song ‘Memory’ from Cats in only a few months. If you are thinking of joining piano lessons, look no further. What you want and need is right here with Sara.

Khatija D.

I’m amazed at how far my daughters have come in playing the piano and it is a testimony to Sara’s teaching ability and musical knowledge. She has a way of seeing the child’s innate abilities and helping them to see it themselves. Sara has high expectations because she knows they are capable and they feel that. My kids are loving it and practice at home without me even asking. I’m grateful for the opportunity they have to learn from such a gifted pianist and teacher.

Seimone L.

Sara has been my son’s piano instructor for about 1 year. During his first session I was extremely nervous because my son tends to think he knows everything under the sun, and it is hard for him to take direction. I was not sure if he was ready to take on a music class for 1 hour and remain focused, however, I was pleasantly surprised! Sara was so patient, extremely loving, and direct all at the same time. The session went so well he was so excited to go to his second session because he remembered what she taught him. We are so proud of him! I appreciate how she makes music fun while correcting him when necessary. It is important for a teacher to challenge her students to strive to do better if they are not trying their best. Sara has counseled my child if he was having a bad morning and uses music to express his feelings. I am so grateful that she is my son’s teacher because of her my son now can read music and has learned to play songs by ear. I am thoroughly impressed with his progress and I encourage you to choose Sara as your child’s piano teacher.

Mia R. 

Sara is a wonderful teacher! She is very patient & nurturing. I love the fun little incentives she offers, that helps keep my child engaged and eager to learn more. My daughter always looks forward to her time with Ms. Sara. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for an amazing piano teacher!